Rehabilitation Therapy

Man using therapy hand weight

Our highly skilled and licensed therapists will help you regain strength and functionality following surgery, illness or accident to help you transition home as soon as you are able.

At the start of your care, a custom discharge plan is created just for you. Your treatment is closely monitored by an interdisciplinary team that meets weekly to assess your progress. Your return home is coordinated to ease the transition from our facility and our staff will arrange necessary equipment and home care services.

Rehabilitation therapies in our newly remodeled gym with state-of-the-art and specialized equipment include:

Physical Rehabilitation

For residents who have undergone hip or knee replacement or experienced fractures – as well as anyone who has mobility challenges – physical therapy helps to build muscle and increase balance and control when walking.

Speech Therapy

Our expert speech therapists work with our residents – including those who have suffered a stroke or Parkinson’s disease – to communicate effectively through focus on articulation and pronunciation.

Occupational Therapy

Residents achieve greater independence in all areas of their lives by gaining skills in basic needs areas – bathing, getting dressed, feeding themselves, and sensory and attention skills.

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